Our Program

Happy Elephant Care is a sustainable and ethically run nature park , we have three sanctuary located in the Mae Wang district, approximately 60 km from Chiang Mai city. It was created 2 and ½ years ago. From these three sanctuary , you can choose any nature areas to experience the amazing nature park.

The elephants here have been either rescued from riding camps or logging industry. They are not working anymore.

Our elephants are treated ethically and humanly and are given a safe, natural environment to roam free : a flat space with sheds where they can relax and sleep, the jungle above where they can walk, eat and scratch themselves, the river down the valley where they can refreshing, bathing, and play all together.

We try to grow most of the food for the elephants onsite our park such as Napier grass, pumpkin, corn, sugar cane and bananas.

We welcome our volunteers to get close and to learn more about these gentle giants and help us in their care and healing.

  • You will contribute by helping with food and medicine balls preparation, feeding, walking, bathing and playing with the elephants in their natural habitat.
  • You will always be accompanied by a guide and the mahouts (elephant caregiver) who will assist and guide you through your experience.

For those who are staying overnight, your accommodation will be onsite in a shared house, which is a furnished Thai house with WIFI, a fully equipped kitchen a living room, 2 large bedrooms (separated by gender) and 3 bathrooms and a big terrace on the top from where you can watch the elephants and the plantation. 
If you prefer a private bedroom, you can book in a guesthouse that is a few minutes walk from Happy Elephant Care, at an extra cost.

The Valley

Living and Breathing in the woods

The Valley is a elephant sanctuary situated right in the middle of nature around 1h45min from Chiang Mai. The valley hosting our sanctuary is a beautiful nest, alternating rice fields, and jungle. A wild river runs through the camp, permitting to our elephants to refresh, clean themselves and drink pure water.

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The Waterfall

A place unlike any others

The Waterfall is a peaceful sanctuary nested far away in the middle of the mountains of Mae Wang National Park on old rice fields.

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The River

Farm next to the river

The River is a sustainable and ethically run park located at the back of a Thai village, in the Mae Wang district, approximately 1h15min from Chiang Mai. It was created 2 and ½ years ago.

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