Explore the River

Enjoy one full day at Elephant Park Chiang Mai

Enjoy two days and one night at Elephant Park Chiang Mai

Enjoy three days and two nights at Elephant Park Chiang Mai

Feed the Elephant

In the wild, elephants spend 16 to 20 hours of their time eating or trying to find food.  At Elephant park Chiang mai you’ll feed our elephants with bananas, sugar cane, grass, corn, pumpkin.  If you volunteer for few days you can help us to cut and prepare this food. We will also show you how to prepare medicine with some herbs to help our elephants to have a better digestion.

Elephants Bathing

Elephants need to go in the water regularly to cool themselves and clean all the dirt and the parasites sticky on the skin. They use also this time to drink and play. At Elephant Park Chiang Mai you’ll have the pleasure to share this time with these giants. You’ll be able to help to clean them by throwing water and brush them.

Jungle Walk

Elephants use to walk in the jungle to find wild food to supplement their diet with bamboo, leaves or even bark. You will join them in this activity to see how they use their skills in their natural habitat.

Included Meal(s)

All the meals are included in our programs. We will cook you breakfast, lunch, and dinner Thai style. You can also participate in the cooking of the dinner when you stay overnight. Feel free to tell us if you have allergies, if you are vegetarian, vegan or if you can’t eat something.

Friendly for All Ages

We welcome everyone to join us at Elephant Park Chiang Mai. We have the visits of babies and of the elders. You can follow us at your rhythm and enjoy to spend time with our elephants.