Explore the River – One Day

The day start at 8.00 am when our driver will come to pick you up at your hotel. You’ll stop on the way at a typical Thai market where you can buy some traditional food for your breakfast, eat fresh fruits or drink an iced coffee or tea.

After that you’ll join Elephant Park Chiang Mai by driving through the beautiful mountains of Mae Wang National Park.

At Elephant Park Chiang Mai you’ll swap your clothes with traditional Karen clothes for the day.

You’ll meet the herd, our elephant family.

The guide will provide you information about Asian elephant and the particularity of our elephants and will answer your questions during their breakfast.

You’ll feed them with different kind of food : grass, corn, bananas, sugar cane, pumpkin…

After this breakfast, the elephants are up for a walk in the jungle where they can find others type of food like bamboo or even bark. They also like this moment for scratching against tree trunks or play with mud.

After this walk and all this food, elephants are usually very thirsty and will go drink water in the tank but you can also try to give them water with the hose, they love it.

We will cook for you a Thai lunch and you’ll eat at the big Thai house onsite where you can relax on the roof top terrace.

We will show you how to prepare medicine balls for the elephants. A healthy mixture that helps them to digest.

You’ll join the elephants for a walk through the rice fields, along the papaya tree plantation, to the river. It’s a good occasion to see how the mahout and his elephant are connected.

In the river the elephants are relaxing, refreshing, playing…you’ll have to help the mahouts to shower the elephants and brush them to clean the dirt and the parasites they can have on the skin.

You’ll go back to Elephant Park by car while the elephants are walking back.

There you can take a shower and change back to your clothes.

Then it will be time to take your last pictures and say goodbye to your new friends.

We will bring you back to Chiang Mai and drop you off to your hotel around 4.30-5.00 pm.

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