Our Elephant Family

Papa Joe

The Gentle Giant

50 Years Old (Born in 1967)

Only bull at Elephant Park and dad of the babies. He came from Mae Hong Son district where he was working for logging in the jungle. He arrived in Mae Wang district around 7 years ago where he started to work in riding camp. He moved finally here 2 years ago to spend his old days, retired and happy. Papa Joe never had the big tusks you can usually see on male elephant and he broke the one he has two times, one time on strong bamboo, one time by pushing another elephant. He is very impressive as he is very tall but he is also the sweetest, very calm, gentle elephant you could know.


The Gourmet

32 Years Old (Born in 1985)

She also came from the Mae Hong Son district where she was working for logging in the jungle. She arrived in Mae Wang district at the same time of Papa Joe around 7 years ago to work in riding camp for 5 years. She's now with us for 2 years already and can rest at the same time as she’s taking care of her baby. She had 4 babies in her life, Por Kao is the last one. Jokia is the greediest of all our elephants.

Mae Noi

The Fearful of Dogs

30 Years Old (Born in 1987)

She comes from Kanchanaburi district where she was working in a farm, carrying bags of rice... She arrived in Mae Wang area 6 years ago to work in a riding camp. She moved to Elephant Park 2 years ago. She’s been pregnant two times in her life but sadly killed both babies at birth. However she's surprisingly a great aunty with the babies around. Mae Noi has this habit of swinging her head (it looks like she dances) more than any other elephant. She has always been doing this.


The Naughty Girl

4 Years Old (Born in 2013)

She was born in Mae Wang district really close to Elephant Park and hopefully will never have to work. She arrived at Elephant Park with the others elephants 2 years ago. At the moment Pailin is enjoying every day, living her life to the fullest. She must dream that she’s a whale because she loves to be completely submerged with water at the river. She's the best friend of Por Kao.

Por Kao

The Playful Baby

2 Years Old (Born in 2015)

She was born at Elephant Park Chiang Mai. She’s the daughter of Jokia and is still drinking her mother’s milk although she’s already eating like the others elephants. She is very smart and know already how to open a gate or pass through a fence to go get some food by herself. She enjoy playing with Pailin at the river by climbing on her when she’s submerged in the water.

Mar Mo Po

The Mommy

35 Years Old (Born in 1984)

She came at Elephant Park Chiang Mai with her daughter Mo Pur. She new here and very good together with the group especially the big guy Papa Joe.

Mo Pur

The Little Girl

2 Years Old (Born in 2015)

She just came at Elephant Park Chiang Mai with her Mather "Mo Po" .